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Stone Box by Emil Ceramica


Stone Box by Emil Ceramica

"A mix of elegant and exclusive stones that eloquently interpret the style and needs of contemporary living. 

The surface faithfully reproduces the grain of natural stone, proposed in two versions.
Stone Box Concept: based on a selection of 36 different types of stone, blended together for superb colour harmony that gives sustained rhythm to the varying patterns.
The large 15x90 strip tile is the ideal element for decorating all three dimensions of living spaces.
Stone Box Basic: is based on a selection of a single stone, Tau Grigio, proposed in 40 graphic variations brimming with details."

A very different tile that creates an amazing effect. Great on walls and floors alike.

Material Porcelain
Sizes See attached catalogue (lots)
Stock Bright grey 15 x 90cm in stock
Outside New anti slip options available
Price Range ££££


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